Monday, August 31, 2009

Sappy Excuses

Okay sooooo....I've neglected my blog this month. I know, I know how can you oooooo and ahhhhh if there's nothing new to ooooo and ahhhhh over? hee! Well, ready for my sappy excuses? MY BABY GIRL STARTED KINDERGARTEN!!!!! :(
It has hit me very hard. She is our baby and now we don't have any babies at home. They're both in school now so, we're having to deal with the fact that....WE ARE GETTING OLD!!! :(
I'm doing better now though. I've gotten quite a bit of scrapbooking done and here are two pages.
This first page is of our darling little girl! Ain't she the cuteset? (2nd only to your own little girl or little granddaughter of course hee! hee! :)) I love my cricut (oh well it's my mom's)! I tied twine around a couple of the letters and I thought that dressed them up nicely.
This next page is a large family picture of my husband's side (I had to post-it note most of them out b/c I didn't want to call all of them to get their blessings to put their mugs online! ha!) But this is one more page with me in it....ugh! It also is of my hubby and our son, Aaron. Our daughter is in her grandpa's lap so she had to be "post-it noted" out too. The bottom pic is of our son opening his favorite present of all at his g-mom' m&m candy cane! Oh to be so content over the little things. He is sooooo easy to please. I wonder how long that will last? hmmmmmm....
I used the "I Wish" scrap kit from SU! (retired) for this L/O.
I just noticed that I didn't crop these pics before I posted them....sorry hope you can see them clearly. There will be lots more crafty, scrappy posts for next month. Our blog group, the Crafty Critters has a challenge to see who will have the most posts next month. They have to be Crafty and they have to include a pic. I'm crossing my fingers for lots of crafty mojo in September and enough hours in the day to get it all done.
Until next time....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Well, my first Crafty Critters Challenge...WOW! was it a real challenge. We had to make something, anything crafty that expressed us, our favorite things. I love to scrapbook and I manage to get lots of great pics of my famuily, friends...even my flowers but I never get, what I think are good pics of myself. Now mind you we didn't have to include a pic of ourselves on our challenge...this was just for me. I put a lot of people before me most of the time. I guess because I strive daily to be humble and you can't exactly be humble and think of yourself 24/7! HA! But, my children will look at my scrapbooks one day, when I'm gone, and wonder..."Where's Mama?" So, whether fat, a little less fat, makeup, no makeup, hair fixed exactly perfect or not I want to get myself in more of my scrapbook pages.
Even though this is the #9 CC challenge, I have made a month long challenge for myself:

1. August (on my blog) is Scraptastic! I'm only going to upload scrapbook pages this month!
2. On at least 2 more pages this month (not counting this one) will be my pic.Now granted I will probably be with my kids, husband, parents...but I'll be on at least 2 more pages.

Of course, I will be working on other projects besides scrapbooking this month but you'll have to wait until next month to see those. Or check out my SCS gallery! :)

So here it is "A Few of my Favorite Things":

Being a mom, being a child of God, scrapbooking, cardmaking, singing, cooking, being married to the most wonderful man in the world...these are a few of my favorite things.
My favorite colors are Purple and Green. My favorite bible verse is Hebrews 13:6
My favorite at home meal is Chicken and Rice Casserole and grilled BBQ bread. I have listed my recipe for each.
My favorite dessert is banana pudding and I also listed my recipe for that. Click on the picture to view a enlarged version. You can see my recipes better.

Thanks to Colleen for challenging me to think of...well...ME! I smile everytime I look at this page. ;-)