Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Good Grief!!

That title sums up all the frustrations I've had the last month.
We've just gotten our dial-up....yes, I said dial-up internet hooked up! Can you believe that? I thought they had done away with that years ago! (no I actually know it's still around, I just don't like having to use it!) All the DSL ports in our area (our area at the new house) are taken up. We're on a waiting list with AT&T to get DSL as soon as a port opens up. There is no other providers in this area, believe me I've called them all.
Then, if having to deal with slow dial-up wasn't enough my computer is acting up. It's that crazy Vista! I'm having to use our old laptop to get on the internet. The newer one won't run the latest version of Adobe Flashplayer and won't run the one that's on it. And, we all know with no Adobe the internet is pretty much worthless!
Well, enough of my sad, sob story. I'm able to get back on my blog now and that's what I was wanting to do all along. I'm glad to be back. I hope it'll get back to normal.....whatever normal is! LOL!
I missed the deadline to post our Competing Princesses card (last day of the month). I had it done, just couldn't get it uploaded. So,'s what I made with your very cute kit! I never have enough masculine cards around. Thanks for giving me the tools to make one!
Okay, so this is more of a scrapbook accent I'm gonna use in my scrapbooks than a card. (it doesn't open, LOL!) When Terria sent the kit, she had knotted the twine. I left the knot b/c I loved it! The only thing I added was the hemp twine at the top right. All the rest came from her great kit!
It feels good to be able to post again! Thanks for hanging around ;) You all are the best.
Until next time...


Nancy said...

Very cute and great idea to use in a sctap book LO!!

Terria said...

Very, very cute I love it :)

Moira said...

Love it - and love that knot!

Colleen said...

Very cute and clean! Love the knot too:)