Thursday, December 5, 2013

Spreading Christmas Cheer with a Bit of a Sad Note....

Hi everyone!
Wondering what in the World my title is all about?
Well, it is with sadness I post today knowing that this is the last post I will ever make for the Crafty Gals Blog Group. :( :( :(

I have decided after years of challenges, laughs, chit chat and inspiring ideas to bring the group to a close. I have a lot on my plate with a few design teams, challenge blogs, my personal blog, my growing YouTube channel, homeschooling and working with my Mom growing our home based craft Boutique. There's just a few too many irons in the fire and I can't keep up. I will also be leaving one of my design teams when the term is up....that's not like me....I usually stay on as long as they will have me! LOL But, I know this is best to do right by all my other obligations.

So, for our last blog post, the Crafty Gals were to show their Holiday decorations or the handmade cards they will be sending out (or both if they wanted).

I have decided, since I don't have my cards finished (ugh...that is a whole other paragraph that I need not get into), to share with you how we've decorated for Christmas this year.

We went "Country Christmas" with our main tree...

complete with raffia bows, streamers and handmade ornaments.
 Yep, our tree is not complete in our son's eyes unless there are real candy canes on it. :)
 I get a new Santa ornament every year, this one (above) is my 2013 ornament.
This one, is one of my all time favorite Santa ornaments (2011).

We are big Crimson Tide (college football) fans in our house. Even though they had a bad game last week, we still yell for the Crimson and houndstooth! :)
This is our little white, "Charlie Brown" "BAMA" tree. :)

Our stockings are hung.......
by the............ window with......
3m hooks! :) LOL

Along with getting a new Santa ornament each year.....
I also get a new Santa figure/display Santa too!
Here's the new addition for 2013
I'm calling him "Victorian" Santa.

And here is a lot, not all mind you......(you would be here all day looking at Santa's if I did that) of my Santa collection.....
 "Purple" Santa is probably one of my oldest display Santa's. "Fluffy" Santa is my new one from last year.
 These two Santa's, "Wild Beard" and "Navy Blue" Santa are from my Mom. I get quite a few from her. She also likes them and displays them for a while then when she doesn't want to get them out anymore....she gives them to me. :)
 The "count down" Santa on the right as he is affectionately called by our children is missing his arm again I see. He parties way too much in the attic during the off season and usually comes out needing surgery.......I'm warming up the hot glue gun as I type! LOL
The lovely Santa box beside him is a gift from a sweet Swap friend in the Scrapbooking with M.E. Boutique group on FB. I had just received him about 2 days before I took the pictures. I believe I will call him "Winter White" Santa.
 Here is "Woodland" Santa.
 (above) the Santa on the left I believe I got at the same time with purple Santa a few pics back. He is an older one also. His name is "Curly Beard" Santa.
The wood carved Santa, "Birch" Santa (on top of hubby's surround sound main speaker....I try my best to make that manly stuff look pretty! ha ha ha) if one of my favorite Santa's. I love rustic and he certainly is.
 (above) "Noah's Ark" Santa and "Weird Tree" Santa :)
 (moving into the dining room atop the piano)
(above) left is a Santa from Mom, "Old Porcelain" Santa, I remember this Santa when I was a teenager so yep......he's the oldest in my collection. ha ha ha
There's "big bottom" Santa to the right and "globe in the belly" Santa below.
 We have "Pale Face" Santa in this grouping (look you can barely see his face against my buttercream walls!)
"Bobble Body" Santa beside him and "Come on Ride that Train" Santa and Snowman (with no carrot nose....I believe he parties a little too much with "count down" Santa) they've driven that train around so much it is missing a wheel!
 (moving into the kitchen) Here's "tea kettle" Santa, he's 3 pieces. He is guarding the Bama plate. :)
And lastly my favorite Santa of all.......Old "Wood Whiskers"! He has the brightest lantern, has no trouble finding good boys and girls houses to leave all those nice toys. I've had this Santa for probably 6 years. I've not once had to change his lantern bulb. :)

Well, there is my decorations tour. I hope you enjoyed it!
Leave me a comment, let me know what you think.


Crafty Gals! I have had such a good time with all of you! I am going to miss our monthly challenges and chit chat. BIG HUGS!

(Please visit their blogs. They are very talented crafters.)
and a host of other ladies that have been a part of this wonderful group in the past. Love you all!

Until next time...



Benzi said...

Melina, looks as if you're all decked out for Christmas. It all looks so pretty. I used to collect Santas and snowmen and got so many, I had to quit. I only get out one or two now for Christmas and one or two are left out year round.

Sorry you're so busy. I certainly understand how you can get overloaded, though. It's hard to give up something we enjoy so much.

Loving the BAMA items. What a heartbreaker of a game Saturday. Boo Hoo

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Melina, I'm loving your Santa collection! WOW!!! They are all so unique! And I love your trees, too. I have to ask - the country one with the star on the top - did you trim part of the branches away at the top to hang the star? However you did it, I love the way the top looks!

I've thoroughly enjoyed being a Crafty Gal and will miss it, but it DOES sound like you need to step back from a thing or two. You're so busy!


:: BlueInks :: said...

I am so giggling right now! I love that you have names for each Santa and that you remember them!!!

I do think my favorite is 'countdown santa'. I think you should rename him 'surgery santa' after you glue gun him!

Thanks, for sharing your pics....we are afraid Mia (cat) will eat our stuff and end up in the hospital again for another $1800, so we are not decorating much this year!!! LOL

Merry Christmas~

Zella said...

I just adore your main tree and then all the Santas...with their names! LOVE IT!!! I'm going to miss Crafty Gals and am thankful that I've been able to be part of such a great group this past year!!!! Merry CHRISTmas Melina!!!!